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"Dr. Wendy Huempfner is a wonderful GYN.  Dr. Huempfner has been my doctor for the past 19 years (almost 20 years).  Dr. Huempfner takes her time, listens to my concerns and genuinely cares.  I feel very comfortable talking to her about any and everything.  I would highly recommend her."


"I absolutely love Wendy.  While there is a wait for her once in awhile, there is a valid reason.  She takes time with each of her patiences.  She doesn't just see her patient for 5-minutes than shoves them aside. She listens, explains, cares, and treats. I will never see anyone but her."


"Wendy Huempfner is my doctor and I absolutely love her. First, I can always get in the same day when I am having an emergency. When she sees me in her office, she is never rushed. She is knowledgeable in her field. Always takes the time to provide me with proper explanations of any diagnosis or medication she is giving me. Her bedside manner is amazing as she really does know me. Its incredible in this day and age where patients are herded like cattle to have a doctor like her. I always feel safe and comfortable when I see her. I highly recommend her to anyone." 

"Dr. Huempfner is always happy to see me. She treats me as an individual who is special. I am more than just a patient. She is a compassionate and supportive doctor who understands the fears and upsets women have with their bodies.I trust and have faith in her decisions concerning what needs to be done to keep me safe, healthy and alive. I have great respect for the experienced doctor she is."

"Dr. Huempfner is extremely competent, very caring, and always on the lookout for problems and issues that might escape other doctors. I will be forever grateful for her recognition that my unborn child was in trouble (before I even knew it) and for the steps she took to ensure a safe delivery. In addition, she has been a very good gynecologist for me and my two daughters for many years."

"Dr. Huempfner was extremely attentive and personable towards me. She listened carefully about my health problem and my frustrations. After examining me she took time to explain the cause of my symptoms, recommended a course of action with follow up treatment. I found her to be friendly and engaging. She gave me a warm hug when we first met, then again on leaving. Very satisfied patient!"

"I have been a patient of hers for 15 years. I started seeing her when I was a very young woman. At that time, I was self-conscious and terrified of going to the gynecologist; she immediately put me at ease. Although she is quiet and serious by nature, she is genuine. If you are looking for a doctor to be superficial and bubbly, she is not for you. She will quietly sit with you and discuss your most intimate concerns if you ask her. This type of approach does cause her to run late. 10 years ago, I had a miscarriage. I will never forget how kind, understanding, and sensitive she and her staff were. At one point, Dr. Huempfner even held my hand and just let me cry. She didnt rush out, she didnt try to cheer me up, she was just there for me. Her quiet strength and support meant so much. Since then, I have been to other doctors for obstetrics (Dr. Huempfner doesnt do Obstetrics anymore), yet I have always returned to her practice after having my children. I have recommended her many times to my friends over the years. Her genuine, holistic, non-rushed approach is what keeps me coming back as a patient."

"The care given to me by Dr Huempfner has been absolutely exceptional. Her skills are far superior to that of many other Doctors and has led to complete resolution of a medical problem that I have been suffering with for many years. Dr Huempfner and her staff are, without a doubt, the most impressive medical professionals that I have ever dealt with. The caring, ethical conduct, and professionalism are evident from appointment scheduling to follow up care."

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